Hair Highlights 2017

Striking Red Hair Highlights

Be that highlights or all-over hair color, red is always there to help you make a bold statement. The seductive hues of red can be perfectly paired with numerous muted hues of colors ranging from caramel to copper. The best thing about reddish hues is that they complement a wide array of skin tones. This post is all about red hair highlights that come in numerous shades and shapes. Whether you have dark or light hair color, consider throwing in some red highlights to introduce a modern touch to your look. Go on reading to see some incredible ideas for red hair highlights.Striking Red Hair HighlightsFiery Cinnamon Swirl

This gorgeous head of hair will stun everyone out there. If you want to spice up your boring brown hair color, go for bold highlights. They will give that extra oomph that it needs. This striking hairdo also consists of waves that perfectly show off the color combo while making the wearer stand out. Show this picture to your colorist and ask for the same red balayage highlights. Read more »

Highlights for Layered Hair 2017

Layered hair always needs much care and “likes” to be in form no matter what. This is the type of haircut that doesn’t look so good in carefree hairstyles and should be refreshed regularly. There are several good ways to make layers look fresh and healthy and one of them is highlighting. Today we’ll speak about these highlights for layered hair which you can use in 2017.highlights for layered hair 2017Caramel Highlights on Long Layered Hair

Starting from the fewest thin highlights to the chunkier ones your hair colorist can make your hair look as smashing as you like. If you are a follower of the traditional highlighting technique then you can add caramel highlights on your layers in 2017. This hair color helps to bring out your base shade and brings dimension. Be it straight or curly your locks will look fuller and more stunning. Read more »

Frisky Colorful Braided Hairstyle Inspiration

We, women love have fun with our appearance and with our image. Whatever we do to look fabulous always depends on how hard we try. The first thing we consider to make a change with is our hair color and hairstyle. We often go for different cuts to amuse our friends and relatives but when the thing is about hair colors the theme becomes more interesting. We do our best to find the most fascinating hair color for our skin tone and eye color and according to it we choose hairstyles. Lately many girls have found the most amazing hair styling idea which differs from the styles we had so far. These are playful and very colorful braided hairstyles.colorful braids 2017Why braids? Because the best hairstyle for a vivid color is the braid be it a simple or a complicated one. It looks fantastic on any hair color and especially on rainbow colored hair it just sparkles. So, let’s discuss some of the most succeeded ideas for colorful braids and to see what possible versions exist. Read more »

10 Trendy Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts for 2017

There were times when women with curly hair didn’t know what to do with their locks to look different, stylish and more seductive. Today they know the best way of showing off their beauty. The thing is about short cuts which are very required and fashionable. 10 best curly and wavy pixie cuts for 2017 are collected jut blow and if you don’t orientate what hairstyle to wear on your curly locks then you may consider these astounding hairstyles. You will surely stand out with these cuts and will get a totally new look.short pixie cuts 2017#1: Mohawk-Inspired Pixie Haircut

The first hairstyle I would like to speak about is the Mohawk-inspired pixie haircut. This style is perfect for girls with oval face shapes. Due to the thick and voluminous top part of your hair you can create a stylish pompadour which best goes with side shaved hairstyles. Read more »

Choppy Short Haircuts 2017

Women, who need a haircut which is first of all trendy, second practical and third low-maintained, should go for short cuts. Special for you I have collected several choppy short haircuts to try in 2017. Actually short hairstyles are just the cuts that bring lightness and convenience but there are not for everyone. These hairstyles require pretty and slender face features and they don’t work with rough features. In other words too short hairstyles can make you look boyish. To avoid this style you should pay attention to your features, face shape and makeup. Now, let’s see which the best choppy short haircuts are for 2017.short hair 2017Short Burgundy Hair

This style is perfect for brunettes who have straight thin hair. It’s cozy and stylish. Wearing this hairstyle you’ll feel the classy touch it tends to bring into your appearance. This rich burgundy hair color can make your locks look fresher and healthier. You can go either for a lob, bob or pixie cut considering your face shape. This will completely change your look. Read more »

New Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Today I’m not going to do inventions for you because the hairstyles represented here are just brand new ideas created on common hairstyles. But, wait and you will see how unique and charming they look. You can copy some of them in the upcoming year and rock it with your new looks. I have collected them carefully for all hair types so that each of you could find her style. From super short pixies to bobs and from medium length to long hairstyles you are going to get acquainted with your new friends; hairstyle ideas 2017. So, let’s go!hairstyles 2017Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

If you think Mohawks are only for edgy pixie cuts I am here to tell you that you can create it on medium and long hair as well. How? Here it is. The braided Mohawk is a new design that  can be used in prom hairstyles to make them more eye-catching. Unlike other braids that look more alluring on blonde hair this hairstyle doesn’t ask hair colors and looks perfect on brunettes as well. Read more »

Medium Length Layered Hairstyles 2017

Medium length hair generally is the most convenient hairstyles which give you enough hair styling options to look different and more beautiful each time. You can go for most hairstyles on medium length hair. One of them is layered style. Since these hairstyles are improved day by day we will shoe you the latest medium length hairstyles for 2017. They are suitable both for thick and thin hair each bringing it’s advantages.Medium Length  Layered Hair 2017Medium length layered hairstyles are neither too short nor too long, that’s why they are loved by most women who look for a stylish and pretty hairstyle at the same time. Layers are ideal for thin hair as they make thinner locks look fuller and thicker. They tend to bring visual volume and depth to your hair. You can style your layers differently. Let’s discuss the most fashionable styles below. Read more »

New Pretty Hairstyle Ideas

There are so many hairstyles in the world of fashion which give us a wide opportunity of choosing the best options for us. Generally new hairstyles change our look and if we style them right we get the desired result which appeals to us too.  Today we’ll represent new hairstyle ideas for any type of hair. Look at these options and pick the ones which can look delightful on your hairstyles 2017Sleek Low Bun

As a classic hairstyle low bun is always a perfect idea. It’s latest trendy version is styled in a sleek way which requires center part and lots of hairspray. This hairstyle is worn by many celebrities who combine it with subtle dresses or suit. You can often wear it at workplace and if you decorate it with a pretty hair accessory it can also look nice for a special event. Read more »

Trendy Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have long hair and don’t know what to do with it layered haircuts are super options for creating a new style. It’s not a secret that layers add volume and frame the face beautifully. It’s easy to get and any hairdresser can provide you with a fantastic layered haircut according to your preferences. As you have long hair your layers also will look long and very spiffy. Most often the shortest layers stop at the cheekbones or the chin. Usually these hairstyles look complete and perfect with bold bangs. Now, check these trendy layered hairstyles for long hair and decide which one is yours.layered hairstyles 2017Fine Outward Feathers

Due to it’s airy and subtle look this long layered hairstyle is very exquisite and charming. This is perfect especially for thin hair which can look healthier. It can add texture to your hair and since you have thin locks they will have the so wanted feathered effect. Read more »

Shades of White Blonde Hair Color

Usually natural blondes try to wear as many blonde shades as possible because their hair color allows it. If you have natural hair color then the new white hair color ideas will definitely interest you. This is a hair color that goes with fair skin tones and light eye color, though we can also see white blonde with dark eyes. This hair color looks nice on any hairstyle with it’s monotone effect.white blonde hair 2017There are lighter and warmer shades of white blonde. According to your taste and complexion you are supposed to choose the right shade for you. Lighter shades usually have cool reflection while warmer shades include some golden hues. If you have too fair complexion and still want to go for white blonde you’d better take warmer tints but if you have warm skin tone and want to break down that warmth you may pick a white blonde hair color between lighter shades. Cool tones are best for green and blue eyes and golden shades work with warmer eye colors like hazel brown,  light brown and dark brown. Looking at these pictures you will get the right image of white blonde and complexion matching. Read more »