Hairstyle Ideas for Hot Days

It is impossible to ignore the hot weather outside. Such weather requires a right outfit and hairstyle. Perhaps, you should give up on wearing your strands down, consider various types of updos. By saying an updo, we don’t mean boring and monotone ponytails or regular topknots. There are way more interesting styles. Most of updos are created with addition of braids and twists. Keep in your mind that the hot weather cannot stop you from looking cool. Just read forward and explore the most striking hairstyle ideas for hot days.summer hairstylesSleek Ponytail with Braid

This is the best style for Afro mane. Tame your unruly texture by creating a tight ponytail that is also braided. To make the front sleek, you will want to use some hair products. You may even straighten your tresses then pull them up in a ponytail. When it comes to the braid, go ahead with a regular three-strand plait. You can be sure that this hairstyle will keep you cool bin the heat.Sleek Ponytail with BraidOffice-Approved Twist

It is a hybrid style that can be worn everywhere. It is an amazing option for women working on strong environment. The updo is quite classy and gathers all the strands out of the nape. The best thing is that it is also an easy style to do, as it requires twisting the tresses and securing with bobby pins. Tendrils that are out of the bun add a flirty touch to updo.twisted hairstyleBraids and Buns

It is more than obvious that the braids and buns are the best combination ever. A braid is the most fabulous way to add visual interest to the style. Just have a look at this updo that is all about side braids that create a crown effect. But that’s not all, as the highlights throughout the strands make the updo irresistible. You may play up with your hair color and texture too.Braids and BunsBun with Scrunchie

It is always amazing to see the comeback of retro details. This time we should celebrate the grand comeback of scrunchie. This element will not only keep your tresses in place but also make them appear cuter and more feminine. Just have a look at this model. She dressed up a simple bun and accessorized it with a lovely scrunchie. Choose the color and the size of the element according to your preferences.Bun with ScrunchieDutch Braids

A single braid is cool but double braids are better. These boxer braids are achieved on medium length hair. Actually, it is a great hairdo for the gym, but you can wear it casually as well. If you are not good at braiding, watch some tutorials and after several attempts you will achieve what you see in the picture. Just make sure to crate neat lines.Dutch Braids



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