Coolest Boho Hairstyles

Try to do something cuter and more feminine with your hair. How? Here I suggest you coolest boho hairstyles. This is my favorite style and I wish to share it with you. You surely need a new hairstyle for any event.boho hair 2017Braided Bouffant

This hairstyle is easy achieved and suits almost all types of long hair. Creating a bouffant on the top part and simple braids on sides you can style a nice half updo hairstyle. You may wear it for a job interview or for a romantic dinner. Read more »

Hairstyle Inspiration for Curly-Haired Women

If you are a curly lady then perhaps you like wearing new and stylish hairstyles to change your regular hairstyle. In this post I offer several cute ideas for your curly locks to make them more luxurious. Check these hairstyle inspiration for curly-haired women.curly hairWaterfall Braid for Curly Hair

Generally we see this style on straight hair but it has quite different exquisite look on curly hair. We love this braid because it’s very romantic and seductive. You can wear it on long curls as well as on short locks. It’s suitable for special occasions like prom, parties and weddings. Read more »

New Edgy Haircut Ideas for 2017

You are already bored of your same and unchangeable look then it’s time to think of an edgy look which will amuse everyone around you. The first thing to consider is your hairstyle and today I will help you discover new edgy hairstyle ideas for 2017 among which you will find the most eye-catching and fresh-looking haircut.hairstyles 2017Shaved Side

Whether you have long or short hair shaved side hairstyle can make it look different and unique. Having only the one side shaved and the other side in a longer style you will get a fashionable and trendy look. This is a bold and flashy hairstyle already loved by most celebrities. You can even dye your hair in two or three tones creating a smashing hairstyle. Read more »

Honey Blonde Hair Color Hairstyles

One great way to change your entire look is dyeing your hair. However before you decide which hair color you want we offer you the sweet honey blonde hair color for cool, warm and neutral skin tones. If you have one of these skin tones then keep o reading to discover the honey blonde shade for your new stunning look.Honey Blonde  HairAmong the above mentioned skin tones only neural skin tone can works with nay shade be it blonde, golden or brown. On the other hand if you have cool or warm skin tone you can easily play with honey blonde hair color to enhance your beauty. If you have cool skin tone then you’ll get a lightened up complexion if you apply honey blonde hue on your hair. It will create a baby blonde shade which is very subtle and very soft. Women with warm skin tone will have creamy effect. But you should also consider your eye color in order to get the perfect natural-looking effect. Light eye colors are the best for honey blonde hue. Read more »

Best Medium Shag Hairstyles

Shaggy hairstyles are the best ones when you need a messy yet hot look. These are low maintained hairstyles that require less hair styling skills to be achieved. They are perfect especially for medium length layered or lob haircuts.  Beach Shaggy hairstylesBeach Shag

This is the easiest hairstyle you can get when you are on the beach. Even without any hair styling product you can create a miraculous shag hairstyle. Just when your hair is wet you can braid them into any braided hairstyle and after having your hair dried you can untie your hair. The result will amuse you. These are also called loose boho waves. Read more »

Perfect Hairstyle Ideas for Any Occasion

There are lots of hairstyles to try but in most cases we need perfect hairstyles that can provide us with a flawless look. Though they are few but they exist for anyone. You should only find your style. And here we represent these hairstyle ideas for any occasion.HairstyleLob Hairstyle

Among medium length hairstyles today the most fashionable one is the lob haircut. It’s the long bob that suits almost all face shapes and makes you look very stylish. This hairstyle is very convenient as you can do anything with it. From updos and braids to super straight and curly hairstyles you are welcome to rock it at nay event. Read more »

Men’s Haircuts for All Face Shapes

There is nothing stressing than seeing a haircut on your head that doesn’t suit your face shape. And this is the worst thing both for men and women. If you are a man and wish to find out the best haircut for your face shape then you are in the right place. Like the outfits you choose according to your preferences and according to the fashion you should also wear the right haircut. So, check men’s haircuts for all face shapes. Haircuts for  menHaircuts for Oval Face Shapes

Men who have oval shaped faces can wear many hairstyles in any length. As this face shape is quite balanced you are welcome to make your choice between most hairstyle ideas. You should only avoid full length bangs. You may wear either long or short haircuts. Here are the examples. Read more »

Top 10 Center Parted Braids

New braided hairstyles among which you can see many astounding hairdos sometimes inspire us and make us think only about braids and braids. Braids are the coziest and the most feminine hairstyles each woman can rock. They are suitable for any event and can be worn on any type and length of hair. You have short hair? Don’t worry, there are styles like center parted braids that you can try on your short hair as part braidBoho Inspired Center Parted Braids

Here you see a very subtle boho inspired braided hairstyle which beautifully separates your hair into two parts creating not only a perfect and straight center lines on your head but also a great headband made of your own hair. It is done on long layered hairstyles but as you see the length of the layers don’t make a problem for braiding. Read more »

Hair Tucked into Clothes: Hairstyle Trend for Fall/Winter 2017

Fall and winter are already coming and we are thinking of new convenient hairstyles. If you notice a strange tendency of wearing hair tucked into clothes hairstyles don’t be amused. This is the new hairstyle for fall/winter 2017. Get ready to rock it on chilly and humid days. The look brings the touch of warmth and the need to keep the nape as warm as possible. Actually these hairstyles are very cozy and ideal for rainy and cold days when you don’t want to wear a hat in order to keep your ears warm. The simplest trick is her for you. Here you see loose wavy, straight and curly hairstyles tucked into clothes. Now, we’ll discuss some of them and if you also consider them great I for fall and winter then keep on tucked into clothesStraight Sleek Hair Tucked into Clothes

Straight hair can look nicer if you have created a center part on your hair and tuck it into clothes. This is the easiest hairstyle for any type of straight long hair. You will keep your ears and nape warm and will feel the convenience it brings. Read more »

Feather Cuts for Long Hairstyles

After the retro styles we meet the inspiration of the 70’s and 80’s. Today the most prominent hairstyles that are opted from this period are feather cuts for long hair. The name itself sounds interesting and attractive. Several new solutions try to keep these hairstyles always in thing and popular. And our smart hairstylists really succeed. They offer fashionable approaches which appeal to many women who have long hair. As a result we see luxurious and very compelling hairstyles. Those who are also interested in feather cuts my find some fascination and inspiration right here.feather haircut 2017Though feather cuts are similar to layered haircuts but there is a little difference between these two types. Layers are meant to add dimension and depth to your hair, while feather cuts are edgier and tend to add softness and more drama to locks. They are a bit choppier and as a result can easily be texturized. It goes without saying that the best feather cuts are reflected on long hairstyles. If you have highlights on your luscious locks then the healthier look will be provided. These hairstyles are very feminine and add a touch of tenderness into your overall look. Read more »