Celebrity Faux Bob Hairstyles

Lately there was a fascinating confusion about this or that bob hairstyle of celebrities. Did they really go for a bob cut? Some of course sported a real bob haircut but there were also some others who opted for an interesting trick to get a bob hairstyle without cutting their hair off. Are they smarter than others? Well, let’s discuss some stunning examples of faux or fake bob hairstyles of celebrities. You’ll surely like them.   fake bob hairstyles 2017Jennifer Lopez Faux Bob

Let’s start from our lovely Jennifer who likes to rock her long hair differently and it was quite surprising when she appeared with a shot bob hairstyle. No, she didn’t go for a shot cut but she simple used the faux bob hairstyle. She looks younger and very alluring with it. Read more »

Runway Retro Hairstyles

The 40’s and 60’s retro style is back and we are discovering as many hairstyle ideas as possible from these times. Actually they are the most luxurious hairstyles any women can sport in her hair matching it with retro makeup; red lips, bold eye makeup and of course retro styled outfit. It’s all about too femininity and fab. Check our collection of runway retro hairstylesrunway retro hairstyle 2017French Retro Twist

As French twist is a refined and elegant hairstyle women over 30 like to sport it for different occasions. It looks more sophisticated in retro style and is perfect with sunglasses. Read more »

Men’s Hairstyles to Match with Beards

If you have a beard than you perhaps find it difficult to match it with the right hairstyle. Not any hairstyle can go with beards but there are several styles that are perfect for your cool beard and will provide you with the best masculine look. So, have a look at the following string of men’s hairstyles to match with beards.men with beards hairstyles  2017Backcombed Hairstyle

The first one is the comeback hairstyle which is a classy and very elegant hairstyle to be combined with beards and with a classy suit. You’ll surely feel the masculinity it brings. It also allows you have your hair out of your face and adds a touch of seriousness to your entire look. It’s very seductive. Read more »