New Boho Hairstyle Ideas

Boho style is becoming the loveliest style for many women especially for those who have long hair. This style differs from the rest of the styled with it’s chic and carefree nature that allures us and looks fabulous on our hair. You feel more confidence and romantic touch in these hairstyles and the wide range of hair styling options it offers can be worn by most types of hair. Now look at these great examples of boho hairstyles and pay attention to the accessories used with them.boho hairstyles 2017Tousled Boho Hairstyle with a Gold Accessory

This simple hairstyle decorated with a gold accessory is very luxurious and gives the wearer a tender look. it best goes with blonde hair and if you style loose curls your hair color will shine more beautifully. Read more »

Hottest Perm Hairstyle Types

Starting from the 80’s having curled hair women considered as a luxury. It was the new style spreading all over the world and ladies following the fashion were doing everything to get curly hair no matter by curlers, crimpers or perms. Today these hairstyles are so common that we even don’t pay for them and achieve them at home. However some styles are still in thing and demand much effort to be done right. If you are a kind of woman who struggles against her straight hair to make them curly you well know how much time it takes from you to be done beautifully. In fact curling hair especially thick locks is a real nightmare.perm curly haisrtyles 2017 So, if you really want to get curly hair for a long time there is a great solution; perm curling. Your fantastic natural-looking curls will last for months making you look stunning and saving you from the effort of getting the desired effect. There are different types of perm curling and we represent the hottest perm hairstyle types offered by professional hairstylists and often sported by fashionable women. Read more »

Awesome Braided Crown Hairstyles

At first sight braided crown hairstyles may look a bit difficult but it just seems to you. Actually they are easy achieved and take less than 10 minutes to get styled. They are very elegant and romantic hairstyles reminding us of the medieval times. The look of braided crown hairstyles also have royal touch in them and women wearing this style may look like a real queen especially if they combine it with a luxurious evening braided haisrtyles 2017 It is also used by many braids as a wedding hairstyle and matched with a gorgeous gown they look like the princess of the day. So, what concerns the way they are styled we can say that basic braiding skills are enough to get it yourself. In this post you can see awesome braided crown hairstyles which are very beautiful and can add a romantic touch to your appearance.   Read more »

Shades of White Blonde Hair Color

Usually natural blondes try to wear as many blonde shades as possible because their hair color allows it. If you have natural hair color then the new white hair color ideas will definitely interest you. This is a hair color that goes with fair skin tones and light eye color, though we can also see white blonde with dark eyes. This hair color looks nice on any hairstyle with it’s monotone effect.white blonde hair 2017There are lighter and warmer shades of white blonde. According to your taste and complexion you are supposed to choose the right shade for you. Lighter shades usually have cool reflection while warmer shades include some golden hues. If you have too fair complexion and still want to go for white blonde you’d better take warmer tints but if you have warm skin tone and want to break down that warmth you may pick a white blonde hair color between lighter shades. Cool tones are best for green and blue eyes and golden shades work with warmer eye colors like hazel brown,  light brown and dark brown. Looking at these pictures you will get the right image of white blonde and complexion matching. Read more »

5 Asian and Korean Hairstyles for Men 2017

Those following the Asian style perhaps have noticed that it equally offers trendy solutions bot for men and women. When it comes to hairstyles we think not only for our stylish women but also for our handsome men. The hairstyles offered for men should also go with the rules of the fashion. Here we have collected new and trendy 5 Asian and Korean Hairstyles for men 2017. If you want to change your style or to make it more attractive these examples can help you find the best hairstyle for you.mens hairstyles 2017Since the options are various you should pick the most suitable one for you; the one that allow you show off your own style and your personality. So, between these hairstyles you can find fringe to the side, short and sleek, Mohawk, short two-block cuts, dandy medium fringe-up, K-pop, anime and pretty boy for long haircuts, short two-block cuts. Now, we’ll discuss each of them. Read more »

Celebrities with Crazy Colorful Hair

A lot of women try to find inspirations following the examples of popular celebrities. They always try out styles and ideas which are creative, unique and always unexpected. The transformations they go through make them stand out and look even more alluring.celebrity crazy hair colors 2017 Sometimes they experiment with such fashion solutions no one has ever passed through and these styles often become trendy and common among their fans and many other women. In this article you will see celebrities with crazy colorful hair and if you too want to sport a smashing look with a new hair color then you can choose one of these hairstyles and amuse your mirror. Read more »

7 Professional Hairstyles

Often we think of hairstyles that are both pretty and professionally done. Of course we don’t want to wear the same hairstyle every day and changing it often sometimes is even pleasant for us. With a new and stylish hairstyle you feel more confident and grab more attention. People around you may ask about your hairstyle which looks professional and very beautiful. When we look at the hairstyles worn by celebrities we soon copy some of them because the styles represented by them are always done professionally and are trendy for sure. Many women love to wear  new hairstyles and for those who are used to wear the same hairstyle all year round we offer to change it just now and right here. Check these 7 professional hairstyles and choose the best options for you. professional hairstylesRachel Bilson Half Up Do Hairstyle

Half updos are very classic hairstyles that can be worn on long hair. It’s quite easy to achieve and the simple look provided by it makes your face features look subtler. Leaving some sections of hair around your face you’ll create a beautiful face frame. This hairstyle is perfect for workdays and for official meetings. Read more »

Hottest Side Swept Bangs for 2017

When it comes to bangs we try to choose styles which are fashionable enough and go with our face features. Side swept bangs are very popular in 2016 and are going to be trendy in 2017 too. These bangs add femininity to nay hairstyle. According to the way they are cut you can style it differently. There are many styles of side swept bangs. You can have short or long cut side swept bags depending on your preferences. This haircut allows you either hide your mysterious look with a long length and to show off your pretty face and eyes with a short cut. It all depends on your personal taste and on the haircut you wear at the moment of having your bangs cut.side swept bangs 2017 There are styles that suit just for workplace while others are informal and look very eye-catching. When choosing a style for your bangs don’t forget about it’s look which should be appropriate for any occasion. If you seek for dramatic changes and for unique styles you can choose bangs which differ from the rest of the styles. Now, check the following hottest side swept bangs for 2017 and change your look with the help of simple bangs. Read more »

Hot Ponytail Hairstyles

After experimenting with various hairstyles we often go for the simple, cozy and easy ponytail hairstyles which are loved among women especially with long hair. This hairstyle is the best friend of each girl and is always with us we need to get either a classy or a quick casual hairstyle. There many ways of styling a pretty ponytail and some of them are represented here. This is a very girly hairstyle and looks nice with bangs giving us more youthful look. We love the way it is styled and the girly touch it brings in our appearances.ponytail 2017Sometimes this hairstyle is the perfect option for classic looks when we wear suits and want to match it with an elegant hairstyle. It’s ideal for formal occasions, for office looks and for official meetings. The coolness and the hotness it provides to our entire look make us feel more confident and even strong. This simple hairstyle brings out our face features and makes our eyes pop out. Read more »

Trendy Hairstyles for Women over 40

Women over 40 sometimes change their hairstyle totally and get a new and fresh look which suits both their age and their style. Choosing the right hairstyle is not that easy and we sometimes refer to our hairstylist for a good advice. Of course they try to offer hairstyles appropriate for our age and preferences. Besides bringing attractiveness onto our looks these hairstyles also should be fashionable enough. In this article you’ll find trendy hairstyles for women over 40 and we are sure you’ll find the best haircut for you.hairstyles for women over 40 2017The collected examples will help you orientate which hairstyle you want to wear in the near future and which one is the most suitable for your face frame and features. Read more »