Professional Long Layered Haircuts

In most cases women go for layers because they know the luxuriance of these fabulous hairstyles. They make hair look sumptuous and very seductive. If you have long thick hair then having layers on it will bring depth and dimension to your hair. Women with thinner hair often wear layered hairstyles because they know that these hairstyles allow their hair look thicker. Here we have collected the best professional long layered haircuts which represent the examples of our celebrities.layered haisrtyles 2017Amanda Seyfried Long Layered Haircut

Lovely blonde Amanda really has luxurious and superb hair. Her texture allows her style it differently and always makes her look awesome. Here she is with professional layered haircut with cute curls ate the tips. This pretty hairstyle suits her very much and makes a beautiful frame around her face. This is a fantastic haircut for those that have long straight thick hair. You will not only refresh your look with this haircut but will also let your locks breathe and be healthy.   Read more »

5 Best Twisty Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Twisty hairstyles are super fun hairstyles that look fabulous on different haircuts. They usually demand much texture and take some time to be styled. As luxurious and feminine hairstyles they are loved by many girls who are looking for new hairstyle ideas. Here we represent 5 best twisty hairstyle ideas 2017 along with pictures which will help you understand the way they are styled.twisted hairstyles 2017Twisted Updo

This elegant updo hairstyle can be suitable for wedding parties and for evening dates. It reminds us of Queen Elsa’s hairstyle form Frozen. It’s a wise way of keeping your hair out of your face especially on windy days. While styling this hairstyle you will need bobby pins and a hair tie and if you have fine and slippery hair you’d better use hairspray to fix your hairstyle. Read more »

6 Sock Bun Hairstyles

Sock bun hairstyle generally used by ballerinas and many other dancers seems to be back with it’s elegant and classy look. However many ladies like to style it just for fun or as an updo hairstyle which holds their full texture up and away from face. Especially those that have long hair often wear sock bun hairstyles in summer to avoid the unpleasant sweat on their nape. There are two ways of styling sock bun hairstyles and which are they you will learn right here.  All you need is a clean sock which you should cut off and roll up. If you don’t like this idea you can buy a simple bun maker which can be found in any beauty store. Now check the most common sock bun hairstyles below.bun haistylesTraditional Sock Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle demands long and thick hair to look fabulous. You can create it with a sock or bun maker which has ends wrapped over it which make a donut look and is usually seen on ballerinas or on other dancers. Read more »

Stylish Hairstyles for Windy Days

Wind is something that can ruin your hairstyle and thus your entire look. We sometimes don’t know what hairstyle to wear to look both pretty and to be on the safe side on windy days. Actually we become nervous when the wind destroys our hair and makes it crazy messy. That’s why we have looked for several hairstyles  for windy days which you can check here. Most of them are familiar to you and you often war them but perhaps you didn’t think of them on windy days.haisrtyles for windy days 2017Ponytail

This simple hairstyle is one which is always in thing and seems it will never be out of style. It’s easy styled and is very convenient at the same time. It can be worn on long and medium length hair and if they annoy you on windy days you can quickly style either a low or high ponytail. Try to make it tighter not to be disturbed by the smaller sections near your face and forehead. If you have long bangs you can comb it back and fix with a pin. Read more »

Awesome Long Celebrity Hairstyles

If you have long hair and what to style it stylishly and beautifully we offer you the best of celebrities. Today we’ll represent awesome long celebrity hairstyles which will inspire you for your next hairstyles. Here you will see both straight and curly hairstyles all looking flawless and stunning.celebrity hairstyles 2017Miley Cyrus Long Wavy Hair

Before going for super short hairstyles Miley used to sparkle with her stunning long layered hair. Here you see her with fantastic long wavy hair dyes in brown hair color with caramel highlights. She is really very beautiful with this girly and feminine hairstyle. If you have natural wavy hair then it will be easier for you to get this look. You just need to style loose curls with the help of hair iron. Read more »

5 Forever Stylish Hairstyles

We women so much love to style our hair differently that we always look for new and trendy options. But we sometimes forget that there are hairstyles that are always in thing and never go out of date. These hairstyles are always with us and offer the most feminine looks. Here are 5 forever stylish hairstyles that won’t leave us whatever we roll around.haisrstyles 2017Straight Hair

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair you often super straighten it with the help of different straightening hair tools. If you have curls you can straighten them with a ceramic hair straightener, but avoid too much use of this hairstyle because you may damage your lovely curls. And those that have natural straight hair may not need additional straightening methods which can also damage locks. Read more »

Top 5 Trendy Hairstyles for Men

Men of this century are quite fashionable and keep their eyes on the trendiest hairstyles for men. They say that sometimes men can’t find more hair styling options but if you look through the available hairstyles created special for men you will see that the there are millions of options including all kinds of styles for every taste. In this article you can find top 5 trendy hairstyles for men which are in thing right now.hairstyles for men 2017Most men try to wear hairstyles which are both stylish and suit their face features. There are different hairstyles created for different reasons. Some tend to highlight your face features and some make a nice frame for your face making you look more handsome and some others can hide whatever you don’t like on your look. Now, let’s discuss these hairstyles that look very beautiful and emphasize masculinity. Read more »

New Boho Hairstyle Ideas

Boho style is becoming the loveliest style for many women especially for those who have long hair. This style differs from the rest of the styled with it’s chic and carefree nature that allures us and looks fabulous on our hair. You feel more confidence and romantic touch in these hairstyles and the wide range of hair styling options it offers can be worn by most types of hair. Now look at these great examples of boho hairstyles and pay attention to the accessories used with them.boho hairstyles 2017Tousled Boho Hairstyle with a Gold Accessory

This simple hairstyle decorated with a gold accessory is very luxurious and gives the wearer a tender look. it best goes with blonde hair and if you style loose curls your hair color will shine more beautifully. Read more »

Hottest Perm Hairstyle Types

Starting from the 80’s having curled hair women considered as a luxury. It was the new style spreading all over the world and ladies following the fashion were doing everything to get curly hair no matter by curlers, crimpers or perms. Today these hairstyles are so common that we even don’t pay for them and achieve them at home. However some styles are still in thing and demand much effort to be done right. If you are a kind of woman who struggles against her straight hair to make them curly you well know how much time it takes from you to be done beautifully. In fact curling hair especially thick locks is a real nightmare.perm curly haisrtyles 2017 So, if you really want to get curly hair for a long time there is a great solution; perm curling. Your fantastic natural-looking curls will last for months making you look stunning and saving you from the effort of getting the desired effect. There are different types of perm curling and we represent the hottest perm hairstyle types offered by professional hairstylists and often sported by fashionable women. Read more »

Awesome Braided Crown Hairstyles

At first sight braided crown hairstyles may look a bit difficult but it just seems to you. Actually they are easy achieved and take less than 10 minutes to get styled. They are very elegant and romantic hairstyles reminding us of the medieval times. The look of braided crown hairstyles also have royal touch in them and women wearing this style may look like a real queen especially if they combine it with a luxurious evening braided haisrtyles 2017 It is also used by many braids as a wedding hairstyle and matched with a gorgeous gown they look like the princess of the day. So, what concerns the way they are styled we can say that basic braiding skills are enough to get it yourself. In this post you can see awesome braided crown hairstyles which are very beautiful and can add a romantic touch to your appearance.   Read more »