Pretty Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

If you are looking for a hairstyle to wear on a special day a half-up half-down hairstyle is always a good idea. Whether you have straight or curly hair you are welcome to go for this hairstyle whenever you need a sophisticated look. The only thing you need to have is medium or long hair. So, let’s discuss these gorgeous half-up half-down hairstyles.  Half-updosFishtail Crown Braid

Crown braids are the first braids that can create a stylish and perfect half-up half-down hairstyle. This is a very flashy hairstyle that can be worn both on thin and thick hair. Read more »

Long Bob Hairstyles

Long bob hairstyles or lobs are one of the trendy haircuts for the recent years. They are required among all age groups and are considered as very convenient hairstyles for any event. Unlike short pixie cuts these hairstyles allow you to style your hair in different ways from ponytails to braided hairdos, from updos to wavy shaggy styles. You can sport lob haircuts on straight, curly, thick or thin hair and can go for style that best works with your face shape. Here we will show the best styles of long bob hairstyles which will inspire you for your next look.lob hairstylesDark Ombre on Lob Hairstyle

Ombre is one of the best styles to combine with lob hairstyles. It looks nice on wavy as well as on straight hair and tends to make your hair color more fascinating. If you have olive, medium or dark skin tone you can try this dark ombre on your long bob hairstyle. Read more »

10 Trendy Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts for 2017

There were times when women with curly hair didn’t know what to do with their locks to look different, stylish and more seductive. Today they know the best way of showing off their beauty. The thing is about short cuts which are very required and fashionable. 10 best curly and wavy pixie cuts for 2017 are collected jut blow and if you don’t orientate what hairstyle to wear on your curly locks then you may consider these astounding hairstyles. You will surely stand out with these cuts and will get a totally new look.short pixie cuts 2017#1: Mohawk-Inspired Pixie Haircut

The first hairstyle I would like to speak about is the Mohawk-inspired pixie haircut. This style is perfect for girls with oval face shapes. Due to the thick and voluminous top part of your hair you can create a stylish pompadour which best goes with side shaved hairstyles. Read more »

Best Celebrity Bobs and Lobs

So far we have been discussing many bob and lob hairstyle ideas which surely inspired you, but what if the best options are worn by celebrities? Their hairstylists best know which hairstyles to choose for them so that they can sparkle on the red carpet. Lately many stars choose just bob and lob hairstyles which are trendy and look fabulous. Let’s see who are the celebrities with best bob and lob hairstyles.hairstyles bob and lobKate Hudson Curly Lob

Kate Hudson looks very lovely with this cute curly lob hairstyle. It works with her face shape and makes her look girly. The cool golden blonde shade on her hair is the best choice both for this haircut and for her complexion. She has medium skin tone and green eyes which compliment her hair color. Read more »

Unique Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Being a curly girl is not that easy because each time you decide to sport a new hairstyle you are expected to recreate it for several times to get the right result. Though many curly haired girls often straighten their locks to style them easily but it’s not recommended to go for too much straightening as it damages your astounding curls. Just think that like straight haired women you can also find great hairstyle ideas for your locks without damaging them. And I am here to help you find unique hairstyles for curly hair. Keep on reading to find out them.curly hairSingle Braid

The first hairstyle I want to represent is the single braid. This is a unique hairstyle for curly hair. It looks nicer especially in loose form and is convenient for casual days as well as for windy days when you need to have your hair out of your face. You can go for a pretty fishtail or even for a French braid and the result will surely amuse you. Read more »

Trendy Men’s Spiky Hairstyles for 2017

For thousands years men used to wear short hairstyles which make them look more masculine and handsome. These hairstyles are always stylish and only the ways of styling change time to time. In this article we’ll speak about trendy spiky hairstyles for men that are going to be stylish in 2017.spiky hair for men 2017There are long spikes and short spikes and according to your preferences you can choose the style you like most. Spiky hair looks very bold and sophisticated. There are many ways to style spiky hair. More and more celebrities wear these hairstyles such as  Max Irons, Zac Efron, Gabriel Macht and Jeremy Irvine. Read more »

Hottest Messy Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2017

Messy hairstyles are my favorite ones. They are so cute, chic and feminine that most men fall in love just these looks. They tend to make your look more innocent and girly. But keep in mind that not every messy look is called a messy hairstyle. Well, perhaps you may argue with me as when you wake up in the morning you have more beautiful hairstyle than in cases when you do your best to get a nice hairdo. But this doesn’t mean that you can go out with that look. Here I will offer you better options for 2017.messy hairstyles 2017Messy Layered Hairstyle

If you have layered hair then I am here to tell you that layers have great relationships with messy styles. Sounds funny, but it’s really like that. They allow you to go for any messy look you want from flips to playful curls.  To get this hot look you are expected to tease the roots of your hair and go for slight and soft waves. Look how beautiful it is especially on thick hair. Read more »

Cute Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Compared to frizzy and curly hair which is rather unruly straight hair has a lot of opportunities. If you have such hair you should know the best ways of styling your wonderful locks and I am here to introduce you these special and cute hairstyles for straight hair.straight hairstylesFirst of all let’s consider that fact that having straight hair is not that easy. You are supposed to take care of it more frequently to keep its shine and healthy look.  Unlike wavy and curly hair straight hair brings out the damaged ends more clearly and to get rid of this problem you should always keep your hair edges soft and sleek. Only after this start thinking about pretty hairstyles. Read more »

Cool Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Hair

Having natural curls makes you more eye-catching compared to thinner and straighter haired women. You should be happy for your hair because they allow you to sparkle and allure everyone around you. Many straight haired women dream about curly hair and though we know how hard it is to keep your locks always fresh and to care about them especially when you are busy, we appreciate your fastidious look with it. So, for you to keep you locks always shiny and beautiful I offer cool hairstyles for curly hair among which you will surely find your style.curly hairstylesCurly Afro

This simple hairstyle is very quick and gorgeous. It won’t take much time from you and will look nice on your curls. To get it you need to moisturize your hair and style the curl just with the help of your fingers. Read more »

Choppy Short Haircuts 2017

Women, who need a haircut which is first of all trendy, second practical and third low-maintained, should go for short cuts. Special for you I have collected several choppy short haircuts to try in 2017. Actually short hairstyles are just the cuts that bring lightness and convenience but there are not for everyone. These hairstyles require pretty and slender face features and they don’t work with rough features. In other words too short hairstyles can make you look boyish. To avoid this style you should pay attention to your features, face shape and makeup. Now, let’s see which the best choppy short haircuts are for 2017.short hair 2017Short Burgundy Hair

This style is perfect for brunettes who have straight thin hair. It’s cozy and stylish. Wearing this hairstyle you’ll feel the classy touch it tends to bring into your appearance. This rich burgundy hair color can make your locks look fresher and healthier. You can go either for a lob, bob or pixie cut considering your face shape. This will completely change your look. Read more »