Amazing Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braid is the pick of braided hairstyles. It’s the masterpiece that should be by any girl who has medium or long hair. The typical effect it provides is so beautiful and so amazing on hair that it seems as if a real waterfall is running on your locks. Just like the name this braid is so delicate and tender. Today I would like to share some waterfall braided hairstyles with you created on different haircuts. Let’s discover them together.waterfall braidsSimple Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids can be styled in various ways. From the simplest waterfall braid you can create the most complicated designs. This one is very simple and is created on the side part. As you see the color of the hair also plays a great role. The incredible copper shade beautifully brings out the hairstyle with its all luxury. Read more »

Trendy Wavy Hairstyle Inspiration 2017

Wavy hairstyles are my favorites because they are too feminine, too trendy and very hot. These hairstyles are the unique ones that can be worn on any haircut starting from extra-short to very long. You can do any experiment with waves you like because they look beautiful with updos, braids and headbands. You can even combine them with straight bangs and unlike many other hairstyles they will still look incredibly pretty. Today I’ll represent 10 trendy wavy hairstyles for 2017 and will offer options for all haircuts.trendy wavy hair 2017Wavy Hairstyle on Long Hair

As long hair allows you to create different stylish hairstyles you may often go for waves. Besides making your locks more feminine waves will also allure people around you. If you add some fashionable caramel highlights on them the refreshed and hotter result will be provided. Read more »

New Layered Bob Haircuts

Layered hairstyles are the coolest hairstyles for any hair type. They can be worn on thin hair as well as on thick hairstyles. Layers make thin hair look fuller and give more depth and if they are cut on thick hair they make it look more luxurious and voluminous. Layers also give you more hair styling opportunities and refresh the look of your hairstyle. Today there are many stylish layered hairstyles and one of them are layered bob haircuts. These haircuts suit women over 30 and they are super for any occasion. layered bobShort Straight Layered Bob

If you have straight and thick hair you can easily opt for a layered bob haircut. It will be easy for you to style and you’ll always be in form. It will provide you with a classy look and will bring out your face features. Read more »

Classic Hairstyles for Men

Though today there are thousands of hairstyles for men but several special styles never go out of fashion and they always look trendy. The thing is about classic hairstyles. They are so masculine and neat that each man should definitely opt for them for some period in his life. These are the powerful hairstyles that draw much attention and capture most women’s hearts.hairstyles for menTextured Cut with Fringe

The first style I want to introduce is the textured cut with fringe. For this hairstyle you need to have a bit length on the top part of your head. It’s essential to discuss this haircut with your barber to make sure it suits your hair type and face frame or not. If you want to hide some face features you can go for those fringe bangs. They can make your look mysterious and can hide some wrinkles, for example. Read more »

Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles

When women hear about ponytails they usually imagine a simple tied hairstyle which is easy to wear whenever and wherever. But when we offer the new and fabulous ways of styling ponytail hairstyles they get amused. Today I’ll speak about these ponytails which differ from regular styles and grab more attention due to their beauty. It’s time to change the boring pony into a fascinating hairstyle.ponytailsPonytail in Knots

A stylish way to liven up your simple ponytail is styling it in knots. You just need to tie knots on your ponytail. It even brings some fun with it and is pleasant to experiment. You can do this with many ponytails or just with a single one. Read more »

Coolest Vintage Hairstyles of All Times

If we go back to the 40’s and 60’s and try to discover hairstyles which women used to wear that time we will see how many beautiful hairstyles there are that can be used these days as well, one, two, tree or perhaps 4? Actually they are many and the most interesting fact is that they are too stylish and are chosen first of all by celebrities. Now, I will share some cute vintage hairstyles which are the coolest of all styles.vintage hairstylesVintage Milkmaid Braided Updo

Try to compare this hairstyle with the common braided hairstyles that we have now. Doesn’t this look more sophisticated. As an updo hairstyle it’s perfect for special events and especially for wedding days. Read more »

French Braided Hairstyles

French braided hairstyles have always been in thing and they are loved by all women. These hairstyles are very beautiful and suit any face shape. You can wear them on casual days as well as for special occasions. Today we’ll speak about French braids and will discuss some new ideas created by our smart hairstylists.french braidsBasic French Braid

This braid is one of the simplest braided hairstyles that can be worn on medium to long hairstyles. Though styling your own hair with this hairstyle is not so easy but after several practices you’ll get it. Read more »

Pretty Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

If you are looking for a hairstyle to wear on a special day a half-up half-down hairstyle is always a good idea. Whether you have straight or curly hair you are welcome to go for this hairstyle whenever you need a sophisticated look. The only thing you need to have is medium or long hair. So, let’s discuss these gorgeous half-up half-down hairstyles.  Half-updosFishtail Crown Braid

Crown braids are the first braids that can create a stylish and perfect half-up half-down hairstyle. This is a very flashy hairstyle that can be worn both on thin and thick hair. Read more »

Long Bob Hairstyles

Long bob hairstyles or lobs are one of the trendy haircuts for the recent years. They are required among all age groups and are considered as very convenient hairstyles for any event. Unlike short pixie cuts these hairstyles allow you to style your hair in different ways from ponytails to braided hairdos, from updos to wavy shaggy styles. You can sport lob haircuts on straight, curly, thick or thin hair and can go for style that best works with your face shape. Here we will show the best styles of long bob hairstyles which will inspire you for your next look.lob hairstylesDark Ombre on Lob Hairstyle

Ombre is one of the best styles to combine with lob hairstyles. It looks nice on wavy as well as on straight hair and tends to make your hair color more fascinating. If you have olive, medium or dark skin tone you can try this dark ombre on your long bob hairstyle. Read more »

10 Trendy Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts for 2017

There were times when women with curly hair didn’t know what to do with their locks to look different, stylish and more seductive. Today they know the best way of showing off their beauty. The thing is about short cuts which are very required and fashionable. 10 best curly and wavy pixie cuts for 2017 are collected jut blow and if you don’t orientate what hairstyle to wear on your curly locks then you may consider these astounding hairstyles. You will surely stand out with these cuts and will get a totally new look.short pixie cuts 2017#1: Mohawk-Inspired Pixie Haircut

The first hairstyle I would like to speak about is the Mohawk-inspired pixie haircut. This style is perfect for girls with oval face shapes. Due to the thick and voluminous top part of your hair you can create a stylish pompadour which best goes with side shaved hairstyles. Read more »