Men’s V-Cut Hairstyles for 2017

If you are still thinking that men can’t pull off as many hairstyles as women then you need to check out these 2017 V-cut hairstyles for men. Actually the name already defines the cut- it has a shape of V letter. V-cuts can be paired with modern twists such as undercuts, fades and etc. There are limitless ways to rock these hairstyles. In order to inspire you and give you better ideas on how you can experiment with it, cut we have selected some pictures of V-cut hairstyles. Let’s hope you will find something interesting for your next makeover.V cut haircut V-Cut Undercut

If you are ready to shave the part of your head then this amazing hairstyle is definitely for you. It requires shaving the back and the sides of the head by keeping the strands long enough on the top.  Then you will need to comb your locks to create a comb-back hairstyle. Note that the cut has a V-shape that is stunning. It is an excellent option for modern men.V Cut UndercutMessy V-shape Haircut

It is not necessary to shave the part of your head to achieve a V-shape haircut. Here is another option that looks no less interesting than the previous one. It is a cut that will definitely draw lots of attention. Note that the sides are shaved while the back is given V-shape. The locks have been styled in a messy pattern for a better look.Messy V shape HaircutV-Cut with Patterns 

If you are looking for something more extreme and bolder rather than traditional V cuts, consider this option. This edgy cut has been paired with razor patterns to make it even fiercer. You will need to find a professional barber top recreate this stunning headdress. However the locks have denim blue shade that takes the whole look to a top notch.V cut with patterns Afro V-Cut Haircut

Afro-American’s V-cuts look so modern. This V-cut has been paired with undercut and flat top to create a bold headdress. The disconnection between the strands is more than visible. However this particular example proves that with lots of creativity you can achieve a better hairstyle, just like this one. Note that this V-shape cut brings out the model’s kinky nature.Afro V-Cut HaircutFade Down Haircut

This hair is super thick in the center and has a natural wavy texture that also adds some extra height. The strands fade shorter and shorter until ending with a subtle layer. It is a modern take on a V-shape haircut that will definitely bring out your character features. If you love to stand out in the crowd, this is the best idea to take example from.Fade Down Haircut



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