Short Pixie Haircuts for 2017

Pixie haircuts speak about women’s bold and edgy nature. They are getting evolved day by bay and look better with modern twists. Today we are going to explore daring pixie haircuts for 2017 and prove that femininity can be achieved with short hair too. The most important thing to keep in your mind is that every face shape is unique so it requires a special styling. Here you will also see some different ways of styling pixie haircuts.    Short Pixie Haircuts for 2017Pixie Bob Haircut

It is a long shaggy pixie haircut that makes a great option for women who growing out their short pixie. The hair at the front is long enough to style in various ways. You can even experiment with different shades and create a lovely style. This particular headdress has a deep burgundy shade that takes the look a step higher.Pixie Bob HaircutPixie Haircut with Long Bangs

This haircut can make your face appear rounder while covering your imperfections. It looks exceptionally beautiful on women with long faces, although others also can try it out. It is a long pixie that allows you to opt for various styling options. You can even add some layers that will provide with extra depth and dimension. Just a modern dye job will enhance your pixie cut.Pixie Haircut with Long BangsFeathered Pixie Haircut

Actually pixie is the best way to accentuate your face shapes and bring out your features. This headdress will provide a classy and feminine look that will make any women stand out. Note that this cut has various short and log layers that create some movement. Apart from the cut, this natural looking brown hair color is also amazing. It compliments wearer’s skin tone and makes her eye pop up.Feathered Pixie HaircutShort Pixie with Pastel Blue

This pixie is also great for women with long faces. The bangs will draw attention away from long and wide forehead while accentuating facial features. Apart from the cut, pastel blue hair color also draws attention. Well, when it comes to the color, you will need to bleach your strands in order to apply an unnatural blue shade. It is a bold look that can be enhanced with right makeup.Short Pixie with Pastel BlueTapered Pixie Haircut

Compared with other pixies this tapered pixie is less extreme. The taper gives a soft touch to the pixie while making it even more modern. Beside the cut, this blonde hair color also softens the entire look. Styling requires using your blow-dryer and creating an easy side swept style. The stick straight locks will help you show off the layers and the color.Short Pixie with Patel Blue



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