Instagram-Inspired Wavy Hairstyles for 2017

Instagram has always been the best source of inspiration for fashion-forward females. If you scroll down your feed, you will see literally any beauty trend you want. Everyone can create Instagram-worthy hair. To make your job easier, I have done my own research and compiled some wavy hairstyles for 2017. Just have a look at these amazing pictures and go ahead with the style you want. Know that wearing one of these wavy hairstyles you will make a fashion statement.wavy hairstyles for 2017Purple Waves

These waves stand out because of a unique purple hair color. Not everyone is brave enough to rock a vivid hair color like this, but those who do, definitely make a fashion statement. As you can see this pastel shade complements models medium skin tone and brings out her unique blue eyes. Use your curling iron to give you tresses some waves and then leave the wind to do its job.Purple WavesLong Center Parted Waves

Waves look ridiculously stunning on long tresses. This beautiful model rocks waist-skimming wavy tresses that are in a chocolate brown shade. Her waves provide with lots of texture and make the strands appear thicker. Some wisps fly freely making the look even better. It is a style both for casual and formal occasions. If you have long hair, try it for yourself.Long Center Parted WavesOmbre Waves

Nothing makes waves look better than an ombre pattern. The following style requires transitioning from deep brunette roots to caramel brown towards the tips. Indeed, the style looks just impressive on longer hair. It is a low maintenance style, because the roots are maintained natural, so you don’t have to worry about grown out roots.Ombre WavesBlack Blue Waves on Lob

In this style, the color is the first thing that grabs attention. If you are a bold lady, you should try this subtle yet edgy headdress offered by Instagram blogger. The black roots are in place, while the rest of strands are in a chic denim blue shade. But whether the ombre would look so impressive without waves? Indeed, it is an Instagram-worthy headdress.Black Blue Waves on LobWavy Bob

Waves are great for any hair length including bobs and lobs. This bob gets a straightforward look with sharp waves. A bold pink shade comes in handy to spice up the waves and make them appear cooler. If you want to introduce some edge to your style, consider this headdress. However, when you decide to pull off this look, keep in your mind that you should go for frequent touchups.wavy bob



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