Incredible Pageboy Haircuts for 2017

Get ready to see the latest pageboy haircuts that feature face framing bangs and curls under. It is an original version of the cut but you can create your own version of a pageboy style. The advantage of this short crop is that it is pretty easy to maintain. However this cut is an excellent option to add a bold and fierce touch to your style. The modern pageboys are being spiced up with hair highlights and vibrant hair colors. Here I have compiled some incredible pageboy haircuts for 2017 that are just irresistible.Incredible Pageboy Haircuts for 2017Pageboy Haircut with Vibrant Hair Color

When I was talking about modern pageboy haircuts I meant exactly this option. A trendy hair color is a great way to enhance your short crop. However the mix of barely-there pastels and dark hair color gives a modern touch to the style. If you want t o recreate this style you will need to ask your colorist for a color mix that involves lavender, pink and grey shades. Give your hair a messy styling for a “bedhead” finish.Pageboy Haircut with Vibrant Hair ColorPageboy with Layers

This haircut can really be rocked in numerous ways. No one’s pageboy haircut is the same. Some women prefer to have it layered while others go for a bolder version and pair it with a vivid hair color. This particular style is all about throwing in some layers for extra volume. If you wish to recreate exactly this look, show this picture to your stylist.Pageboy haircut with Layers Pageboy Haircut with Short Bangs

Here is another way to rock a page boy haircut. This stunning example features short bangs and chin length hair. The locks are colored in a platinum blonde shade that brings out model’s green eyes and light skin tone. You don’t even need to wear makeup as both the color and the cut do everything to make you look perfect.Pageboy Haircut with Short BangsShort Hairstyle

Actually it is a more mushroom haircut rather than a pageboy but these two haircuts are really close to each other. The difference is not so much and both of them look pretty cool. This style is all about chopping off your locks to chin length and combining it with short bangs.chin lenght haircutWavy Pageboy Haircut

You should do literally everything to make your locks look healthy and shiny as there is nothing cooler than shiny brunette locks. When it comes to this pageboy haircut, it is a little bit lengthy and messy but it is pretty flirty and feminine. It is a more casual style.Wavy Pageboy HaircutShaggy Pageboy Haircut

Asian women perfectly rock pageboy haircut. The cut is being perfectly matched with their face shape. Here is a luscious example of a pageboy haircut that has been shagged with the help of layers. Looking for a modern short haircut? Adopt this style!Shaggy Pageboy Haircut



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