Incredible Ideas for Bun Hairstyle in 2018

Buns are the most practical hairstyles that can be pulled off without any difficulties. When it comes to buns, there is really something to say. This hybrid hairstyle has a power to carry you from gym to date night. Indeed, there are countless bun designs that require special skill to create. But let’s leave the complex bun styles to stylists and discuss the ones that someone, even with minimal styling skills is able to create. The process of creating a bun, requires pulling your strands up and tying with an elastic. Here are incredible ideas for bun hairstyle in 2018.bun stylesUpscale Braided Buns

One bun is good two are better. These braided buns can be seen on Instagram beauty bloggers and trendsetters. We love the buns as they look quite interesting. I assure you, everyone can create these amazing buns. Here is how you can do. Regular braids start from top to bottom but the following one is opposite, because you need to start your braid from the nape of the neck. When you reach to the top, twist the tips of the braid in a simple bun style and tie with an elastic.braided bunsTwisted Bun Style

The coolest thing about buns is that they look complicated, but you can create them without much effort. Have a look at this lovely bun style it looks great on long strands and it entails twisting your locks and securing in a low bun, using bobby pins. The bun is quite sleek plus it doesn’t have flyaway strands. It is an elegant style for special occasion.twisted bun styleMessy Bun

When you are run out of time and you don’t want to wear your locks loose, this messy bun is the greatest option for you. The beauty of the headdress comes from pulling you hair up and securing in a messy bun. It will not only draw attention to your incredible face features, but also showcase your amazing natural texture. Try this casual style with minimal makeup and you will rock.messy bunHalf Bun for Bob Haircut

It is not necessary to have ultra-long strands to rock bun hairstyles. The following style is achieved on a bob haircut. But not all strands are pulled up, only a small portion of the locks. A deep side part adds an edgy touch to the style but the look is still feminine. You can go ahead with the style both for casual and formal occasions.half bun for bob haircutBun Cuffs

Sometimes you just need to introduce some small elements to your style, to take it a notch higher. Have a look at these summer-ready buns. They look a lot better with cuffs. You can get you own version of the cuffs to accessorize your buns. Indeed, with gorgeous accessories, your buns will look more interesting.bun cuffs



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