Extraordinary Bowl Haircuts for 2017

When you think of bowl haircut the first thing that comes into your mind is boldness of 80s and 90s. Then it was considered a boring and old-fashioned look but when you see the modern versions of this cut you will change your opinion about it. This cut is back with more bangs than ever. Those who want to make a fashion statement should consider vibrant shades, edgy fades and bold accessories. Here I have outlined the boldest bowl haircuts for 2017.Extraordinary Bowl Haircuts for 2017Vibrant Yellow Bowl

Vibrant neon hair colors and short cuts are winning combination. In this style the bangs partially cover the ear and they are pushed towards the eyebrows in a disheveled manner. No one will be able to resist the allure of the bright shade of yellow that looks fantastic with accentuated eyes. So, with a hair color like this you should be ready for lots of compliments.Vibrant Yellow BowlBold Bowl Haircut

The geometry patterns of this tidy look scream sophistication and undeniable confidence. The neat fringe is shaped using a series of dipping cuts that leave it dangling just above the eye. The dark blue line has been added to the copper colored bangs to make the overall design even bolder. The strands are kept stick straight to show off the overall design.Bold Bowl HaircutPastel Hair Color

This messy hairstyle looks pretty cool. Tousled locks have been paired with blonde hue to emphasize the carefree attitude embodied by the look. The fringe above the eyes frames the face nicely. This is a retro-inspired bow haircut that has been spiced up with cotton candy hair colors. It is a high-maintenance look that requires regular touchups to look fresh.Grey Bowl Haircut

What can create a more sophisticated look rather than the nice combination of grey, silver and blonde? The fringe is swept slightly to the side and uses delicate dark highlights to spice up the look. The length of the bob makes it appear sexier and fuller. Grey is the latest trend of the season, so you can freely sport it to take your look a notch higher.Grey Bowl HaircutBowl with Undercut

In this style the first thing that grabs our attention is the undercut. It gives the look an edgy touch while making the bowl even more interesting. The undercut is only for brave heart ladies who don’t fear to make a fashion statement plus it makes a striking element for various haircuts. If you look closer you will notice lots of layers that don’t require special styling.



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