Catchy Vintage Updo Hairstyles for 2017

Are you ready to celebrate the great comeback of vintage updos? These updos are excellent for special occasions as well as for the days when you want simply to spice up your casual hairstyle. You don’t have to dig the pictures from previous decades to find your favorite updo design since we have selected catchy vintage updo hairstyles for 2017. These charming hairstyles from the past will give you plenty of ideas on how you can enhance your look by wearing one of these updos. Check them out!vintage updos for 2017Lovely Swirls

Don’t try to wear one of those updos that everyone wears on special days. Try to be that girl that stands out with her hairstyle. You will never spot someone else with an updo like this. So why not? Wear it and stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to hairspray it to make it last a little bit longer. So, if you love the style, just go ahead with it.Lovely SwirlsVintage Ponytail

The ponytail has always been around us. Undoubtedly, we love modern ponytails but we can’t ignore the vintage ones as well. Here is the simplest ponytail style that is worth trying. A lovely twist on the classic ponytail, leaves you with a chic headdress that is possible to wear for any occasion. If you have a right hair color the ponytail will have a breathtaking appearance.Vintage PonytailRolled Vintage Updo

All you need for this rolled updo style is a simple hair scarf. The complicated look of the updo make ladies give up on it but there is nothing easier than a rolled vintage updo. You should wrap the scarf over your head and then twist your tresses over it. You can use bobby pins as well, so that you can be sure that your updo will stay in place for a while.Rolled Vintage UpdoVintage Updo with Accessory

This fancy updo creates an illusion of a complicated design that requires special skill. But keep calm please, you can create it within minutes. The complicity of the style comes from two braids that are pinned in a messy and disheveled style. You should use numerous bobby pins to secure the updo. Finish the style with and accessory that gives it a vintage touch.Vintage Updo with AccessoryRockabilly Roll Style

If you truly want to bring out the retro girl inside you, try this rockabilly roll style. The front roll is a prefect pair for a ponytail hairstyle. It gives the pony some individuality. As soon as you create the roll you can easily pull your hair up and create a ponytail design. Curl the pony for a girly and youthful touch. It is a style to make you stand out from the crowd.  Rockabilly Roll Style



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