Bantu Knots Hairstyles for 2017

Want something different and crazy? Consider Bantu knots! These hairstyles come from 90s but look a lot better with modern twists. Apart from being protective these knots may also provide excellent curls. Well, maybe several years ago not many ladies would be confident enough to rock bunch of knots in the hair but nowadays it is not a big deal and everyone wears them. However there are still many ways to rock Bantu knots, if you want to see some interesting ideas just view our gallery of Bantu knots hairstyles for 2017.Bantu Knots Hairstyles for 2017Braided Bantu Knots

These Bantu knots have been paired with mini braids. Well, it is a complicated hairstyle that requires drawing some lines and creating fancy designs with the help of mini braids. Several Bantu knots rise from the top and sides to create a ravishing design. This hairstyle is an excellent option for summer days because it will keep your strands out of your face.Braided Bantu KnotsBantu Knots

Perfectly curved lines give a fancy look to Bantu knots. So while creating these hairstyles pay attention to the lines. The quantity of the knots is based on your preferences. You can choose lots of mini knots or several big ones. Here the Bantu knots have been braided before they would be turned into a knot-like design. Some flyaway strands on the side enhance the entire look.Bantu KnotsHalf up Half down Bantu Knots

Here is another idea of rocking knots. The beauty of this style comes from several Bantu knots on the top of the head that create a stunning half up half down hairstyle. You will need to use hair products to make your knots tight and out of flyaway strands. The rest of locks are left free to show off afro mane. It is impossible not to love this incredible style. half up half down knotsMini Bantu Knots

To recreate this hairstyle, be ready to sacrifice your time! It requires lots of time and effort to achieve a hairdo like this. The quantity of the knots is attention grabbing. The mini knots are pretty tight and neat. With a hairstyle like this you don’t have to think about styling for a while. After untying these knots you will achieve incredible natural waves.bantu knotsViolet Bantu Knots

Bantu knots look a lot better with colors and hair accessories. Some vibrant shades will add a sparkling touch to your knots. If you have highlights or ombre pattern then it may be beneficial for you. Violet knots work really well with dark roots. It is a modern hairstyles to pull off and stand out in the crowd.Violet Bantu Knots



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