2017 Boxer Braids for Different Occasions

Boxer braids are included in the list of protective hairstyles but apart from being protective they are also very versatile, super attractive and edgy. Everyone can pull of boxer braids regardless of the age, hair length, and natural texture. Boxer braids are a true style statement. Here you will find the best boxer braids for 2017 that you can pull off for different occasions. Depending on the styling, boxer braids can look super bold or ultra feminine. If you have always dreamt of a flawless box braids hairstyles, have a look at these pictures.2017 Boxer Braids for Different OccasionsBox Braids High Bun

Box braids always guarantee a cool look. One of the best ways to style your box braids is to pull them up and secure in a high bun. Well, you will have to twist the braids until you reach the tips and then secure them in place. The boxer braids will provide a massive high bun that is also very stylish. The color doesn’t matter as the braids are more than enough to achieve a chic look.Box Braids High BunHalf up Half down Box Braid

The best thing about box braids is that you don’t have to leave them flow down if you don’t want to. There are numerous hairstyles that can be achieved with the help of box braids. If you find your ultra-long box braids irritating go for a half up half down style where the half braids are twisted in a low bun style. cool Half up Half down Box BraidClassy Box Braids

This haircut sports thin box braids that have been perfectly braided. You can pull off the box braids in a simple style or go for a more complicated look to match your style. Thin box braids take more time to create, so you will have to put a little more effort to achieve this style. However thin box braids may last even several weeks.Classy Box BraidsColorful Box Braids

If you want to have a hairstyle that will set you apart form the others, consider this option. Here the boxer braids have been spiced up with pastel colors that enhance the entire look of the hairstyle. However this hairstyle guarantees a unique and mind-blowing appearance. Plus the vibrant colors will definitely bring smile to your face.Colorful Box BraidsBox Braids with Headband

Another great thing about box braids it that you can pair them with various hair accessories and have a different look every day. In this particular style the box braids have been paired with a simple headband to add a feminine touch to the style. By the way if you want to have perfect box braids use anti-frizz oil. It will provide a perfect finish for your look.Box Braids with Headband



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