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Men’s Wavy Hairstyles to Rock in 2017

Like females, males also love to adopt fashion forward hairstyles and have a trendy look. Perhaps several years ago you would call men’s hair trends boring and monotone because men used to wear the same hairstyles over and over again. But with the passage of time lots of things have changed and it is about men’s hair fashion as well. Nowadays you can find numerous creative hairstyle ideas for different textures. This post is dedicated to men’s wavy hairstyles in 2017. The undercut is the signature part of the style as it adds a masculine touch to the look. Go on reading to get inspired from the looks that we have selected.Mens Wavy Hairstyles to Rock in 2017Deep Side Part and Low Fade

Wavy hair can be styled in numerous ways and here is one of them. It features a deep side part and a low fade. Let’s agree that the combination is simply irresistible. However the waves still look neat and straightforward. The best thing about this look is that natural curls or waves provide fantastic volume and dimension. Grow out your facial hair for a more impressive style. Read more »

Men’s V-Cut Hairstyles for 2017

If you are still thinking that men can’t pull off as many hairstyles as women then you need to check out these 2017 V-cut hairstyles for men. Actually the name already defines the cut- it has a shape of V letter. V-cuts can be paired with modern twists such as undercuts, fades and etc. There are limitless ways to rock these hairstyles. In order to inspire you and give you better ideas on how you can experiment with it, cut we have selected some pictures of V-cut hairstyles. Let’s hope you will find something interesting for your next makeover.V cut haircut V-Cut Undercut

If you are ready to shave the part of your head then this amazing hairstyle is definitely for you. It requires shaving the back and the sides of the head by keeping the strands long enough on the top.  Then you will need to comb your locks to create a comb-back hairstyle. Note that the cut has a V-shape that is stunning. It is an excellent option for modern men. Read more »

Best Haircuts for Frizzy Hair

Haircut tends not only refresh your locks and give it a healthy look but also helps you break the monotone and dull look. Each hairstyle can bring a fresh touch into your appearance making your look more attractive. This refers both men and women and those with frizzy hair sometimes find it difficult to choose the best hairstyle for their hair. Here we have discovered the best haircuts for frizzy hair for both genders equally.frizzy hairPixie Cut for Women

Tired of the annoyance that brings your lock frizzy hair? Chop it off. Choose the most suitable pixie cut for your face shape and go ahead. Rock the world with your new image and style also inspiring many women who have frizzy hair.  Read more »

Inspiring Asian Men’s Hairstyles

When we look for stylish hairstyle ideas for men we often meet these fashionable Asian men with eye-caching and very trendy hairstyles. These hairstyles are created by skillful hairstylists who try to do their best to satisfy the actors, models and popular stars. Then stylish men copy them and rock with a great pleasure confidence. Thus, we have decided to introduce you Asian Men’s hairstyles so that you, too, will be informed and inspired by the new hair styling ideas.korean men hair 2017Oblique Bangs

This is one of the hairstyles copied by many Korean men. Here you see a Korean popular movie actor and model Li Min Ho with the oblique bangs hairstyle. He often sports this style as it works with his face shape and face features. To achieve it you should comb the main part of your hair to the outward direction. Read more »

Feathered Hairstyle for Men 2017

Feathered hairstyles are becoming very trendy among men who like to have medium hair. Male of different age groups experimenting with these hairstyles feel more confidence and charming. Without any limitations you can go for one of these hairstyles taking into consideration your hair type. They don’t ask skin color, hair type and age. So, you can sport any of these feathered hairstyles for men in 2017 without worrying about the result because they have come to make your look trendy.  feathered hairstyle for men 2017If you think that you cannot wear an elegant hairstyle when it comes to the feathered style you are mistaken. There are several feathered haircuts that look quite classy and elegant and you can sport them at workplace as well. Let’s discuss from the shortest to the longest feathered hairstyles. The most elegant and sleek hairstyles among feathered cuts are short haircuts. If you need to look classy you can make your choice between short feathered layered cuts. Men who have long healthy locks and want to keep that length can sport long feathered haircut. You can style your hair in many ways and thus can look always different. Read more »

Men’s Haircuts for All Face Shapes

There is nothing stressing than seeing a haircut on your head that doesn’t suit your face shape. And this is the worst thing both for men and women. If you are a man and wish to find out the best haircut for your face shape then you are in the right place. Like the outfits you choose according to your preferences and according to the fashion you should also wear the right haircut. So, check men’s haircuts for all face shapes. Haircuts for  menHaircuts for Oval Face Shapes

Men who have oval shaped faces can wear many hairstyles in any length. As this face shape is quite balanced you are welcome to make your choice between most hairstyle ideas. You should only avoid full length bangs. You may wear either long or short haircuts. Here are the examples. Read more »

Short Haircuts for Men 2017

Have you decided to make a statement with your new hairstyle? Now it’s time to concentrate on short haircuts for men in 2017. Generally short haircuts are more attractive and masculine. These hairstyles are also loved by women because they perfectly enhance the handsomeness and the masculinity of men.hairstyles for men 2017Short Haircut with Varied Length

This cool hairstyle is quite easy to achieve on long straight hair. If you have such you can cut your side and back parts too short and backcomb the crown part. If you hair is unruly you can control it with a hair gel. Read more »

Classic Hairstyles for Men

Though today there are thousands of hairstyles for men but several special styles never go out of fashion and they always look trendy. The thing is about classic hairstyles. They are so masculine and neat that each man should definitely opt for them for some period in his life. These are the powerful hairstyles that draw much attention and capture most women’s hearts.hairstyles for menTextured Cut with Fringe

The first style I want to introduce is the textured cut with fringe. For this hairstyle you need to have a bit length on the top part of your head. It’s essential to discuss this haircut with your barber to make sure it suits your hair type and face frame or not. If you want to hide some face features you can go for those fringe bangs. They can make your look mysterious and can hide some wrinkles, for example. Read more »

Trendy Men’s Spiky Hairstyles for 2017

For thousands years men used to wear short hairstyles which make them look more masculine and handsome. These hairstyles are always stylish and only the ways of styling change time to time. In this article we’ll speak about trendy spiky hairstyles for men that are going to be stylish in 2017.spiky hair for men 2017There are long spikes and short spikes and according to your preferences you can choose the style you like most. Spiky hair looks very bold and sophisticated. There are many ways to style spiky hair. More and more celebrities wear these hairstyles such as  Max Irons, Zac Efron, Gabriel Macht and Jeremy Irvine. Read more »

Trendy Comb Over Hairstyles for Men 2017

Nowadays comb over hairstyles are being sported by many stylish models, actors and musicians who love to appear in the public with new and trendy hairstyles. I am going to introduce you comb over hairstyles for 2017 and if you like these hairstyles you can wear them on casual days as well as for special occasions.hairstyles for menWavy Comb Over Hairstyle

This hairstyle with many roots volume on it looks very fashionable especially in this wavy style. It’s a relaxed style that can be achieved in simple ways. Those that have natural wavy hair can easily go for this look. Read more »