Hair Colors

Celebrities Cool Hair Colors to Try Right Now

If you are looking to change up your hair shade right now, check these amazing hair colors by celebrities. These hair looks are all about embracing your dark roots and going light on the tips. With dark roots, you may create the subtlest ombre patterns. Why everyone falls in love with dark roots? Well, that’s because the dark roots tend to reduce maintenance and provide a chic look. We have selected these pictures for your ultimate inspiration. Go on reading and explore the best colors by celebritiesElizabeth Olsen Chic Balayage

If you are in love with balayage hair colors, you will definitely want to copy Elizabeth’s hair look. Reveled roots make a great option for everyone. However, the following style requires creating a gradual- natural looking hair color. Her dark roots perfectly melt into blonde shades, keeping the color away from harsh lines. It is a trendy somber that works fabulous both for brunettes and blondes. Read more »

Striking Ombre Bob/Lob Hairstyle Ideas

We have already convinced you that bob is a versatile crop and it is popular with women of all ages. Today we are going to talk about striking ombre bob/lob hairstyle ideas. Ombre is the best solution for enhancing your bob. Bob is an excellent canvas to show off various tones throughout your locks. Females love ombre because it provides a chic look that is easy to maintain. However, there is still an option for you to choose from- you can decide to wear your bob curly, straight or wave. Go on reading to see the best ideas for you.ombre bob hairstylesRose and Lavender Waves

The look has been achieved by using unconventional shades that make the waves even more eye-catching. Actually, the coloring entails transitioning from dark espresso brown into streaks of lavender and golden rose pink. Indeed, the contrast provided by the shades is stunning. Due to the dark brown base, the tones don’t look super edgy. The natural approach to the style is just impressive. Read more »

Nude Hair Color Trend for 2017

Among all those rainbow and pastel hair colors, natural-looking shades are still in range. Let’s be real and accept that solid shades will ever disappear. There are still lots of females who prefer keeping things natural. Today we are going to talk about nude hair color trends for 2017 that came to provide you with more natural-looking appearance. Pass through the article to find everything you would want to know about this trend.nude hair colors for 2017What is nude hair color?

“No makeup” make up looks have taken the fashion world by storm and now we are seeing it with hair. What is naked or nude hair color? Well it is all about combining cool and worm tones to achieve a shade that is even more natural. However, you still need to be careful while blending tones. To end up with your desired shade, we highly recommend consulting your hair colorist before combining warm and cool tones. Read more »

Striking Red Hair Highlights

Be that highlights or all-over hair color, red is always there to help you make a bold statement. The seductive hues of red can be perfectly paired with numerous muted hues of colors ranging from caramel to copper. The best thing about reddish hues is that they complement a wide array of skin tones. This post is all about red hair highlights that come in numerous shades and shapes. Whether you have dark or light hair color, consider throwing in some red highlights to introduce a modern touch to your look. Go on reading to see some incredible ideas for red hair highlights.Striking Red Hair HighlightsFiery Cinnamon Swirl

This gorgeous head of hair will stun everyone out there. If you want to spice up your boring brown hair color, go for bold highlights. They will give that extra oomph that it needs. This striking hairdo also consists of waves that perfectly show off the color combo while making the wearer stand out. Show this picture to your colorist and ask for the same red balayage highlights. Read more »

Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

Are you ready to rock the most glamorous hair color? If yes, then keep reading as I have selected some gorgeous ash blonde hair colors for 2017. Dark and light ash blondes have always been in trend. Ashy hues are for all fashionistas and trendsetter out there. Any shade of ashy blonde guarantees a mind blowing and fascinating look. Whether you prefer to have a short crop or keep your locks ultra-long, you can always pull off this shade, as it looks good on any hair type and haircut. Don’t know which sub-tone to choose? Check out the pictures represented below.Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Light Ash Blonde

The beauty of this headdress comes from the bob haircut and a stunning ash blonde shade. The icy look of this short messy hairstyle is just fascinating. You don’t have to go for complicated styling to make your headdress stand out even messiness will bring out the beauty of the color. The flawless ash blonde works really well on a bob haircut. Read more »

Top 10 Pastel Purple Hair Colors for 2017

Day by day purple hair colors gain more and more popularity. Most women are going crazy over stunning pastel colors and purple is at the top of the list. Well, the purple is the most feminine shade that once was used for royalty, now the pastel purple is again back to make us princesses. Pastel purple hair incorporates a range of tones including lavender, violet, mauve and lilac. Here I have selected top 10 pastel purple hair colors for 2017 to inspire you.Top 10 Pastel Purple Hair Colors for 2017Lilac Hair Color

To create this lovely lilac hair the hairstylist gave the strands a combination of silver, ash gray and lilac to accessorize the model’s waist-length locks. If you want to re-create this look but you are lack of length, opt for hair extensions to give your hairstyle extra volume and dimension. For a simple styling opt for a loose braid. Read more »

Highlights for Layered Hair 2017

Layered hair always needs much care and “likes” to be in form no matter what. This is the type of haircut that doesn’t look so good in carefree hairstyles and should be refreshed regularly. There are several good ways to make layers look fresh and healthy and one of them is highlighting. Today we’ll speak about these highlights for layered hair which you can use in 2017.highlights for layered hair 2017Caramel Highlights on Long Layered Hair

Starting from the fewest thin highlights to the chunkier ones your hair colorist can make your hair look as smashing as you like. If you are a follower of the traditional highlighting technique then you can add caramel highlights on your layers in 2017. This hair color helps to bring out your base shade and brings dimension. Be it straight or curly your locks will look fuller and more stunning. Read more »

Hairstyle Inspiration from Lily Collins

Lily Collins is one of the loveliest celebrities that appear with new looks each time and inspire many young ladies. Being so young Lily always chooses trendy hairstyles which work with her face shape and face features. In this article I have collected the best hairstyles of Lily Collins that suit her very much and are going to inspire you for your next looks.Lily Collins hairstyleLily Collins Honey Blonde Curls

Before going for short haircuts Lily used to have long and luscious hair. But as they are not so thick she often styled them in curls. Here you see her with long curls in honey blonde hair color and this hairstyle makes her look very feminine. It enhances her femininity and lightens up her complexion. Read more »

Granny Hair Inspiration: Silver Hair Color

Silver is not any more for grannies only. It’s the new trend in hair color world and is going to be one of the most populars. Here you will find your new hair color inspiration. The represented silver hair colors and the styles used to create them on hair are for all hair types and complexions. Find yours!silver hair color 2017Grey Hair Color

Many popular celebrities having greys don’t harry to dye them in other color as they find this shade quite attractive and eye-caching. They just find the best way of making it look more beautiful. The right makeup with red lips and the best hairstyles for their face shape allows them to appear with an incredible hair that inspires many young celebrities. Read more »

Hairstyle Ideas for Your New Look

Refreshing your current hairstyle will be quite smart if you have been in the same style for a long time. There are some nice ideas to use when you need a new haircut. First of all you should know what you want and what will suit your face shape. Then decide the type of the hairstyle idea for your new look. In this post you will find several fashionable hairstyles that can be worn on any type of hair. Check them.HairShort Pixie Cut

Unhealthy and damaged hair sometimes needs to be recovered and the best way is cutting it off. This will help you have a different and totally new look as well as will refresh your locks. Pick the right haircut for your hair and got for the style that best enhances your beauty. Also p[pay attention to your hair color as it can make the boyish pixie cut look subtler. Read more »