Braided Hairstyles

Hairstyle Ideas for Hot Days

It is impossible to ignore the hot weather outside. Such weather requires a right outfit and hairstyle. Perhaps, you should give up on wearing your strands down, consider various types of updos. By saying an updo, we don’t mean boring and monotone ponytails or regular topknots. There are way more interesting styles. Most of updos are created with addition of braids and twists. Keep in your mind that the hot weather cannot stop you from looking cool. Just read forward and explore the most striking hairstyle ideas for hot days.summer hairstylesSleek Ponytail with Braid

This is the best style for Afro mane. Tame your unruly texture by creating a tight ponytail that is also braided. To make the front sleek, you will want to use some hair products. You may even straighten your tresses then pull them up in a ponytail. When it comes to the braid, go ahead with a regular three-strand plait. You can be sure that this hairstyle will keep you cool bin the heat. Read more »

Creative Long Hairstyles for 2018

The main reason why we are in love with longer hair is that we have more styling opportunities. Be that a twist, braid or updo, you have plenty ways to wear them. Today we have decided to sort out some creative hairstyles that you will not see on every girl. I assure you, that after seeing these pictures, you will want to cope with these incredible updos, downdos and half up half down hairstyles. You may put your own luma in achieving a perfect hairstyle, appropriate for your nature. Here are creative long hairstyles for 2018 check them out and don’t hesitate to get them.hairstyles for long hairHalf Updo with Braided Crown

Regardless of your hair type, you can always rock a half up half down hairstyle. If regular versions of half up half down designs are not for you, try this one. It requires creating lovely fishtail braids and wrap them over your head. Create fishtail braids on both sides and gather them to achieve a headband like design. The thing about this half updo is that it looks quite complicated while you can easily achieve. Read more »

Incredible Ideas for Bun Hairstyle in 2018

Buns are the most practical hairstyles that can be pulled off without any difficulties. When it comes to buns, there is really something to say. This hybrid hairstyle has a power to carry you from gym to date night. Indeed, there are countless bun designs that require special skill to create. But let’s leave the complex bun styles to stylists and discuss the ones that someone, even with minimal styling skills is able to create. The process of creating a bun, requires pulling your strands up and tying with an elastic. Here are incredible ideas for bun hairstyle in 2018.bun stylesUpscale Braided Buns

One bun is good two are better. These braided buns can be seen on Instagram beauty bloggers and trendsetters. We love the buns as they look quite interesting. I assure you, everyone can create these amazing buns. Here is how you can do. Regular braids start from top to bottom but the following one is opposite, because you need to start your braid from the nape of the neck. When you reach to the top, twist the tips of the braid in a simple bun style and tie with an elastic. Read more »

Natural Mohawk/Faux Hawk Hairstyles for 2017

When it comes to Mohawk hairstyles, they are full of surprise. Mohawks offer original hairstyling options as well as they are excellent protective style for Afro-American women. Most females prefer the less fierce version of Mohawks- faux hawks. Traditional Mohawks require shaving the sides but we don’t ask opting for razor as there is a faux hawk that is still cool and impressive. Faux hawks allow you to change your hairstyle as often as you want while we can’t say the same about Mohawks. Check these natural Mohawk/Faux Hawk hairstyles for 2017 and get inspired from.Natural Mohawk/Faux Hawk Hairstyles for 2017Natural Mohawk

It is an adorable natural Mohawk that is also fun to pull off. This style allows your curls to fly freely and go wild still remaining style and control. Why not? You can wear this hairstyle both for casual and formal events. This Mohawk can be worn on medium-length hair too. Just use your makeup to accentuate your lips and eyes. Go bold, with a Mohawk like this! Read more »

Third-Day Hairstyle Ideas for Every Woman

We all have a fresh and amazing look on Monday after washing our hair on Sunday evening. But after two or three days our hair get sere and doesn’t look beautiful at all. It is more than clear that not always we have time to wash and blow dry our locks. So, what should we do to avoid dull hair? One of the best solutions is to opt for texturizing spray to achieve cool-girl waves or experiment with hair accessories. Braids are also excellent option for unwashed hair. Here we have prepared some amazing third-day hairstyle ideas for women who are short on time and don’t manage to wash their strands quite often.third day hairstyle Pull-Through Braid

Ponytails have never been boring particularly when they are paired with braids. I have already mentioned that braids can be the best solvation for dirty hair. Isn’t it better to mix two different hairstyles to achieve a sophisticated hair look? You should pull your strands up into a ponytail and then create a lovely pull-though braid. The technique is not so complicated as you may think, just try to figure it out by watching tutorials on YouTube. Read more »

Best Hairstyle Ideas by Asian Beauties

Asian women know how to style their locks in a way to make others envy. Most women of this ethnicity are blessed with natural thick and deep black hair. There are many bold styles that have been stolen by Asian beauties. So what kind of hairstyles can we see them wearing? Well, everything that is trendy and stylish- blunt haircuts, asymmetrical bobs, long wavy or straight hairstyles and etc. The list is really long enough but today we have selected the coolest hairstyle ideas by Asian beauties. Read on to see some lovely pictures of Asian women.Best Hairstyle Ideas by Asian Beauties    Choppy Cut with Wispy Bangs

The best way to add visual thickness to your locks is to go for a choppy cut. It allows you to fake the thick hair perfectly. But sometimes this cut may seem a little bit boring. To avoid it, consider adding some tapered bangs to introduce some interest to the style. Caramel balayage and shorter layers will make your look fuller and better. Just try this trick and you will not regret. Read more »

Bold Shaved Hairstyles for Women in 2017

You are a bold woman and you love to stand out in the crowd? Undercut or shaved hairstyles are definitely for you. Undercut or shaved styles are particularly popular in Men’s hair fashion but women stole it and gave it a feminine touch. Undercuts can be paired both with long and short hair. Most women prefer to have undercut at the sides or at the nape of the neck. However the placement is up to you, but we have rounded up with some of our favorite undercut hairstyles for women in 2017 to give you an idea on how you can experiment with this trend.Bold Shaved Hairstyles for Women in 2017Side Swept Hairstyle with Side Undercut

Regardless of whether you have medium layered or long layered hair, you can opt for this side undercut. Simply sweep your hair to the side and show off your bold nature. The fabulous thing is that you can always conceal your undercut whenever you don’t feel like wearing it. It is one of the coolest styles that are worth pulling off. Read more »

Emma Stone’s Stunning Hairstyles to Wear in 2017

Emma Stone has plenty of fans who are looking for her latest haircuts and hairstyles to copy. Her plays are as stunning as her hairstyles and hair colors. She is the most popular redhead in Hollywood. Here we have selected the most enchanting hairstyles of Emma Stone to rock in 2017.  Most of her hairstyles have medium length that allows her to style it in numerous ways. If you can’t commit between blonde and red shades, she will definitely inspire you to make your choice. If you are ready, let’s start!Emma Stone Stunning Hairstyles to Wear in 2017Stick Straight Red Hair 

This is her most signature haircut. You can also play up your red hair color and with extra shine create stick-straight hairstyle that is simply adorable. She has used a multicolored dress to bring out the fiery red hair shade of her locks. It is a fabulous choice for ladies with thin hair type. If you have such hair, follow her example and get the same style. Read more »

Chic Festival Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

The season of festivals is officially open. What you need a right hairstyle and outfit. We can’t help you with your outfit but we may offer the chicest festival hairstyles for 2017. Festival hairstyles are all about boho chic braids and effortless waves. They are easy to create and look better with colorful accessories. Floral headbands are known to be the best accessories for spring/summer festivals. For a really unique look you may create your own version of floral headbands. However, these pictures will definitely give you an idea on how to style your strands for your next festival.Chic Festival Hairstyle Ideas for 2017Hair Accessories

Festivals are full of ladies with floral crowns but if you are tired of the same floral crown, try something different. Consider these lovely bejeweled clips. They look amazing when paired with boho braids, or twists. It is an excellent Coachella hairstyle that works on longer hair. Give some color to your tresses with a good dye job and you are ready to rock.   Read more »

Hairstyles Ideas for Square Face Shapes

Don’t expect to have a modern and stylish look, if your haircut wasn’t chosen according to your face shapes. Some females are not certain about their face shape, but before choosing a haircut it is important to figure it out. Girls, with square face will definitely love this post, as it is all about hairstyle ideas for square face shapes. There are various hairstyles that bring out the charm of square face. Stylists recommend wearing face framing locks and asymmetrical hairstyles in order to soften the angular lines of square faces and avoid wearing straight bangs.     Hairstyles Ideas for Square Face ShapesLong Locks with Side Bangs

Well, if straight bangs are not acceptable, then opt for side fringe. Whether you believe or not but most of hairstyles for square faces look good when paired with well-defined layers and side swept bangs. If you truly love to have ultra long locks, pair them with side bangs to break up the cut in a cute way. This style will definitely add lightness to your locks. Read more »